One of the significant testbed assets that this team brings to the SII experimental infrastructure is the COSMOS (“Cloud enhanced open software defined mobile wireless testbed for city-scale deployment) testbed in NYC that is being developed under the NSF PAWR (Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research) program. The testbed’s deployment area in West Harlem has recently been designated as one of first two FCC Innovation Zones thereby allowing considerable flexibility in the use of various frequency bands of interest. COSMOS is thus a useful platform for rapid preliminary evaluation of spectrum use and sharing scenarios both in sub-6 Ghz and mmWave bands. COSMOS is also equipped with a fast-optical x-haul network and edge cloud computing nodes which can be used to realize concepts for the spectrum control plane and associated cloud-based coordination or marketplace services.


COSMOS' multi-layered computing architecture
COSMOS' multi-layered computing architecture, where paths 1–4 demonstrate the data paths of four example experiments with local/remote computing.